The UK Public Sector Digital Awards have been postponed to a later date. Please accept our apologies for this postponement and any inconvenience this may have caused you and your teams.

The UK Public Sector Digital Awards focus on rewarding the most innovative and effective uses of technology to connect the public to government services, covering central and local government, the NHS, agencies, emergency services, education and many other public sector organisations.

For all that is good in public sector ICT, the UK Public Sector Digital Awards are the ultimate benchmark.

“The Awards recognise some of the brilliant work done by digital specialists working across national and local government. One of our big ambitions is to make government more transparent, open and accountable and digital communications will play a massive part in that. I congratulate all the nominees and encourage all digital specialists across the public Sector to follow their good example and innovation.”
Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister

“The UK Public Sector Awards are hugely important in Celebrating ICT success across our public services. They showcase the talent and innovation that quite frankly don’t always get the attention they deserve: talent and innovation that revolutionises the way we deliver services giving the UK’s public sector a world class online presence and helping millions of people.”
Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP
Deputy Prime Minister