An award open to the public sector CIO, ICT manager or programme director who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. This would include:

  • Setting a compelling vision for future direction
  • Engaging people and developing their own and others' capabilities
  • Managing effectively and delivering results
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This category recognises the most outstanding field example of public service delivery using technology. Nominations in this category should be able to prove that:

  • Customer needs have been placed at the heart of the design and/or implementation of a policy/project
  • Effective partnerships have been established between centrally based civil servants and front line delivery staff
  • Evidence that services to the public have been greatly improved via customer feedback
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This category rewards the best example of a programme or project that can demonstrate and quantify an improvement in engagement with the recipients of the service delivery. It rewards the best example of a programme or project that has:

  • Displayed use of quantitative and qualitative evidence and analysis to reach understanding.
  • Proactively engaged and developed understanding of target audience producing demonstrable and sustainable positive results.
  • Provided evidence of innovative, cost effective tailoring of policies or services arising from improved understanding and engagement.
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An award for a team that has delivered a digital service / transaction that has:

  • Achieved a lower cost per transaction and high levels of digital take-up
  • Achieved ongoing high levels of user satisfaction (across digital and assisted digital channels)
  • Continually been improved in response to user feedback and performance data
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How the public sector engages with its suppliers is a key priority for the current government. This category is for best practice examples of suppliers and customers developing and deploying new commercial engagement models that benefit the taxpayer and could include:

  • Using innovative approaches to policy making and delivery. For example, open policy making, behavioural insight, alternatives to regulation, etc.
  • An approach which has resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to customers
  • An example of where strong and successful communication has been delivered in an innovative way and successfully engaged customers
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Getting services on line is a key ambition for 21st century public sector ICT. This category is for best practice examples of the digital transformation of a public service and how it is delivered to the citizen. Nominations should prove the project has:

  • Made use of digital technology to drive efficiency
  • Achieved a lower cost per transaction and high levels of digital take-up
  • Accessed and utilised external expertise/knowledge and best practice
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The shared services agenda is a critical element of the UK government's national ICT policy. This category is should include examples of:

  • Establishing effective joint working arrangements that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organisations
  • Clearly identifying and communicating the benefits of a collaborative approach
  • Delivering improved, coordinated and efficient services to end users
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